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New Beginning Hypnosis

Everyday is an opportunity for a New Beginning

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Board Certified Hypnotist

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

New Offerings!

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1/2 the time & 1/2 the cost of the trademarked QHHT session
Available Online & In-Person
~An Extraordinary Encounter with
Your Spirit Guides
to Illuminate Life's Mysteries
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About Diosa

Diosa Figueroa
Board Certified Hypnotist, Chp QHHT

Diosa is a certified hypnotist trained at the Avalon Hypnosis Center in Lake Mary, FL and Nanga-Mai Hypnosis in Melbourne, FL. She has been certified in both basic and advanced hypnosis.

Diosa is also a shaman & medicine woman of the Peruvian (Inca) Q'ero shaman lineage. Her innate clairvoyant spiritual gifts opened up as a child and continued into her adult life. Her journey of self-discovery and mastery of these gifts led her on a healing path of self-healing and a spiritual awakening.

Eager to learn, Diosa has been a student of several spiritual teachings. She knew there was something more to life and was guided by spirit to begin the training to become a full Mesa carrier. The mesa training accelerated her personal healing, which allowed her to discover her true path. She now shares all she has learned doing mentorships and teaching. It is with great joy she is here to help you step into your healing!


What is Hypnosis?

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How can Hypnosis Help Me?

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What is QHHT®?


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