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Curious about Celestial Conversations?
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Celestial Conversations

 An Extraordinary Encounter with Your Spirit Guides to Illuminate Life's Mysteries

Celestial Conversations invites you to embark on a transcendent journey, a unique and transformative experience where the veil between realms is lifted. This extraordinary opportunity opens the door to receive clear, definitive answers directly from your master guides.


Picture a celestial symphony where archangels, starseed master guides, akashic master guides, and other divine entities converge to illuminate the path ahead. Your questions become beacons, drawing forth the wisdom of those who have traversed the cosmic tapestry of existence.


In this sacred space, you will experience a live hypnosis session where we go under hypnosis, to channel your master guides. The ethereal ensemble determines the highest and best guides suited to address your inquiries. As you engage in Celestial Conversations, envision a dance of cosmic energies choreographed with celestial grace. Let the resonance of these conversations echo through the corridors of your soul, leaving a harmonious imprint on your earthly journey.


Welcome to a celestial dialogue where the sublime meets the seeker, and profound insights blossom like celestial flowers in the garden of your consciousness.

For the best possible experience, when you come to this session, it is essential that you come with an open mind & and open heart. Have no expectations for the answers you receive. Keep in mind that these divine beings cannot interfere with your free will or break the privacy of others.

We recommend that you prioritize questions based on importance within the given time frame.  Once you get your response from your master guides, you can ask follow up clarification questions. 


The session is recorded for your convenience. A link for the recording will be sent to you within 48 hours of your session.

Available online & in-person.   
45 minute session $100 |   1.5 hour session  $200

Contact me to schedule your appointment

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