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House Blessing / Clearing

A house blessing / clearing is an energetic clearing of the energies that are lingering in a home and on the surrounding land.

As we live in our homes we may argue or fight. We may have good days and bad days. Loved ones ma fall ill. Loved ones may pass. The energy of each day lingers in a home unless it is cleared. Over time that energy may get very heavy, negative and stagnant. Have you ever walked into a room where people were arguing and felt the heavy energy? Add to that the energies that were there before you moved into the house. Even in a newly built home, there are energies of the land the house was built on. Quite often in Florida that is the land of the first peoples.


The energy in a house and the land around the house should be cleared on a regular basis to maintain healthy energy in and around the house. It keeps the home energetically pleasant to live in.


House blessings are highly recommended for people moving into a new home. Whenever possible, before you move in, clear out the energy of the previous owner. This can also be done after you have moved in.

This service includes an energetic clearing of the house room by room and the property you own surrounding the house. I will be burning various smudges in and around the house. If any occupants are allergic to smoke they should not be in the house during the clearing.

If you have any question about this service or anything else please click the "Contact Me" button below.

$250 minimum (this includes the first 2 hours) | Additional $125 per hour after that.

Travel fees are additional and may apply.

Contact me to schedule your appointment

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