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Stonehenge at Sunset

Other Service Offerings

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Other Services
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Mini qhht Session

In this session you will get many of the benefits of the trademarked QHHT session but in 1/2 the time and

1/2 the price!

House Blessings.jpg

House Blessings/Clearings

The energy in a house should be cleared on a regular basis to maintain healthy energy in the house. House blessings are highly recommended for new homes.

Spirit Guide Conversations

Celestial Conversations

Celestial Conversations invites you to embark on a transcendent journey. This extraordinary opportunity opens the door to receive clear, definitive answers directly from your master guides

Learning Forgiveness

Releasing Toxic Energies

Learn how forgiveness can help you to release the toxic energies you are holding on to.

Sessions are 1.5hrs - 2hrs.

Session Costs Under Descriptions

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