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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

The QHHT® session lasts between 4-5 hours. 

  • Preparing For Your Session
    - Prepare your list of issues that you would like to address during your session. They can be physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual issues. List all of your physical issues, even the ones you may have adjusted to. 😉 - Put together the list of questions you want to ask your higher self. This can be any questions you have. Try to organize them by category, i.e., relationships, physical health, mental health, career, etc. - Take the time to put this all together thoughtfully. This is a VERY special opportunity you have to get information and heal, so really think through this information. - Bring all of this information printed out on paper to your session.
  • Morning of the Session
    - RELAX - If you meditate, do a meditation to center yourself before coming. - Keep your mind open to the possibilities of the day. - Avoid having any expectations of how things will go. - Do not use any mind-altering substances i.e. alcohol, CBD, marijuana, etc. prior to the session. - If you are taking any mood altering medications, please let me know. Contact me with any questions.
  • QHHT® Session ~ Getting to Know You
    The entire QHHT® session is completely private. Everything discussed during your session is kept in the strictest of confidence. Similar to the confidences between a doctor & patient or an attorney & client. Your special day begins with us sitting down and talking for a couple of hours about your life. We will work our way through your entire life. It is very important that I get to know as much a possible about you. You will share your life story with me, and we will discuss the important factors, like the things that made you who you are today and why you chose to have the QHHT session. The more you share with me during this talk, the deeper your experience and healing will be. It will help me guide you through your past life regression and most importantly, help me to get across your questions to your higher self as you meant them. We will also go over your list of questions for your higher self (that you brought with you). This will ensure that I fully understand what you mean by each question. I will read them aloud to make sure I fully understand them as well as the answers you are looking for. (When creating your list of questions, it’s most helpful if you group your questions into categories like Spiritual, Health, Relationships, Career, etc.)
  • QHHT® Session ~ Hypnosis Past Life Regression
    After a restroom break, 😁we will go into the hypnosis (past life regression) portion. This is when things start to get very interesting. As for your part in this portion, you need to lay back and relax. And keep your mind open. I will lead you into a deep state of natural relaxation. This is the deepest trance state that you can go into. You go into this state, each and every day, just before you fall asleep and as you are waking up. Your body knows well how to do this so this is very easy for you to do. This is when we start to record your session. We record the session so that you can listen to the recording many times, as you will get more and more information each time you listen. More and more healing. Once you are in this deep, relaxed state, I will start to guide you toward a past life. Your subconscious mind chooses which past life will be most appropriate for you to see that day. Typically, this will be a life that will help you with the things you are facing in your current life. If you do not believe in past lives but are still interested in having a session, your subconscious mind will take you to a place that is most appropriate for your current healing needs. Kind of like a dream. Depending on where the subconscious takes us and how involved the life we are looking at is, we may get to more than one past life. One past life can be more than enough to bring significant healing. This portion lasts about 1.5 hours or less.
  • QHHT® Session ~ Talking to Your Higher Self
    After we finish looking at your past life. We will separate from that life. At this time you are still in a deep level of trance. I will ask permission to speak with your Higher Self. Your higher self knows everything about you. It has the deepest unconditional love for you. And always does things that are for your highest and best good. You are always connected to your higher self. But often times we can't feel it, or sense it. Now, during this part of your session, you will have a completely unfiltered connection with your higher self. You will hear the words directly from the source. This is when you get the healing and the information you are looking for. And where the time I spent getting to know you will really pay off. I will ask your higher self the reason they chose the particular life that came up in the regression. What was the lesson you learned in that life. What was the purpose of that life. This information will help you understand what your higher self wants to point out to you about your present life. Once this is all clarified we move on to the healing. I will ask your higher self about all the physical issues we discussed in our talk and ask if it would be appropriate for any or all of it to be healed. The higher self can heal anything, but only when it is appropriate. I will also ask for them to do a full body scan for any issues you may not have mentioned. They will work on anything that is appropriate to heal at that time. They may make some suggestions or recommendations to you as well. You may also get some follow up homework to do. This is all recorded so you will get all of this information directly from your higher self. Then I will ask the questions you had for your higher self. There's no need to worry about your higher self, saying anything embarrassing, or private. Your higher self is extremely wise, and it loves you completely and unconditionally. It always has your highest and best good in mind. So do not be concerned. The connection you make with your higher self in your session, will make your relationship much stronger starting that day.
  • QHHT® Session ~ Session Review
    Next, we discuss what you remember about the session, and we go over the highlights of what the higher self said. You will have a recording to listen to all the details. It will be sent to you a day or 2 after your session. Your higher self may continue to work on you over the next 3 days. They may continue body healing while you sleep. This is usually explained on the recording. Listen to the recording many times, as you will get more and more information each time you listen. More and more healing. Never listen to the recording while driving a vehicle. Right after you leave the session it is important to go eat a good meal. This will help to ground you back into this lifetime. The first few days after your session, it's common for the mind to continue to process your experience. During this time, you may have new ideas, feel more relaxed, full of life, and even notice lower stress levels, these are a few benefits you may start to feel after your session. Now it is time to go out into the world, start your New Beginning and walk the path you were meant to walk, be the person you are meant to be! Book a QHHT® Session

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