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Private Session Options

If you do not see the type of session you are looking for here please contact me to discuss a Custom Private Session

Celestial Conversations.jpg

Celestial Conversations

In this session you will get clear answers to your specific questions directly from your spirit guides. Under hypnosis, we channel your guides to respond to your list of questions. The information you receive is not filtered or interpreted by the channeler.

On the Scales

Weight Loss/Control

Hypnosis will support you for making better food decisions daily, and help you to become the person you want to be!

Tandem Skydive

Phobia Release

Release you fears!

Release fears in all aspects of your life, from physical, mental, and spiritual.

Past Life Regression.jpg

Past Life Regression

Travel back to the past to bring healing to your current life. Often our current stumbling blocks are rooted in the past. Past Life Regressions can help determine this and bring healing to you.

Gamer with Headphones

Memory & Learning Enhancement

Increase you grades in anything by giving your brain a memory boost!  Hypnosis can help you with memory recall and focus!

Medical Checkup

Surgery Fears

Release fears, anxiety and unwanted thoughts before any surgery. Step into your healing process with the highest of intentions!

Stressed Woman

Stress/Anxiety Relief

Stress & anxiety are the cause of so many physical ailments. Releasing them can change your life. Then we focus on moving forward in your life and enjoying a brighter future. 



With hypnosis you will fall asleep better.  Stay asleep longer. Feel energized the next morning!


Custom Private Session

I am happy to customize your session to meet your specific needs. Schedule a consultation and start on the path to a better life!

Group Session Option

Group Session Options

Financial Abundance (2).jpg

Inviting Abundance

With two or more people we can remove the blockages for prosperity and allow wealth and abundance to flow into your lives.


Stop Smoking

Break that habit! With two or more people we can break the habit of smoking, taking the steps for a much healthier life.

Past Life Regression.jpg

Past Life Regression

With two or more people a Past Life Regression is the perfect way to dip your toe into the experience of understanding that you are so much more than this one lifetime.

Rainbow Hair

Increase Self Esteem

With two or more people we can start boosting your confidence level and start empowering you to be all you can be.

Stress Relief.jpg

Stress Relief

Release you stress! With two or more people you can learn to not sweat the small things and live a joyful, stress free life.

Group Bonding

Custom Group Session

With two or more people, you can customize to your groups hypnosis needs. The possibilities are endless!

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